Our Fields of Expertise

We continue to offer you the best possible service for the translation of your texts, and we are constantly adding new fields thanks to our expert translators. Some of our specialisations are;


Texts ranging from incorporation documents, trade registry gazettes, contracts, court rulings, letters of attorney, circulars of signature.


Including but not limited to contractual agreements, training materials and presentations, tender bid documents, along with instruction manuals and technical texts.


Texts of various kinds from drug prospectuses, medical device instructions and brochures, medical product training materials and presentations, case studies, academic articles for publication, and so on.


All types of project documents, tender bid documents, technical specifications, and instruction manuals on renewable energy, recycling, thermal and hydroelectric power plants, along with electrical installations and equipment.


Related texts from tender bids to contracts, certificates of completion. Engineering texts focusing on instructions manuals, engineering reports, technical specifications.

European Union

Related main and interim projects, accession process training materials and presentations, minutes of meetings and transcription services to name a few.


Financial documents including but not limited to balance sheets, company reports, investment reports, and so on.

Marketing and advertising

Texts covering a wide variety of document types including product inserts, brochures, websites and blogs, questionnaires, print media, ad scripts, etc.


In other words, adaptation of websites, games, marketing campaigns, brochures, newsletters, etc. to the target culture thanks to the native-level language skills of our expert translators.


Translations for official use ranging from diplomas, transcripts, patient reports, visa application documents, residency applications documents, etc.