Our Clients

So far, Pilot Translations work with thousands of individuals, companies, non-governmental organisations, governmental and public institutions, incorporations, many of which have chosen us chosen us as their leading and continuing language providers.

In addition to working on assignments and providing our language solutions to commercial and personal entities, Pilot Translations also puts humanity at the core and works with refugees and non-governmental organisations that provide refugee aid in Turkey and around the world. We are dedicated to maintaining our social awareness and continue to serve for-profit and non-profit organisations in the best way possible.

What Our Clients Say

“We thank Pilot Translations for the high-quality services they have provided, always giving the necessary support while showing devotion to their work.” ”

Gülay KAYA

RINA Turkey, Integrated Systems Lead Auditor

“We have been using the translation services of Pilot Translations since 2007, and we have been extremely pleased with all of the translated texts during this time, in terms of both their speed and their accuracy”


PETFORM (Petroleum and Natural Gas Platform Association), Secretary General

“We have been outsourcing our linguistic services to Pilot Translations on numerous subjects predominantly in and ranging from the translations of legal texts regularly updated by public institutions, activity reports, website content localisations, and company contracts since 2013. I must say, we have always been quite happy with their timely work and accurate translations. ”


Turcas Petroleum Inc., Corporate Communications & Government Relations Manager