Interpreting Solutions

Unlike translation that uses the medium of written words, interpreting is the act of converting spoken words articulated in one language into another in a variety of settings. We offer a wide range of interpreting solutions to bridge the language gap druing your meetings. These are;

Conference Interpreting

As the name suggests, interpreters fill the language gap in a conference setting. Working in pairs, our expert interpreters sit in a booth installed where the meetings takes place, and use specialised equipment for the audience to listen to what the speaker says in real time but in a language other than what the speaker uses at the time. While Pilot Translations is one of the major interpreting service providers in Turkey in the English-Turkish language pair, we strive for catering all your interpreting needs in any language.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is carried out in a more intimate setting, for meetings held either one-on-one or with a smaller group of people. Our consecutive interpreters work in such a fashion to render the speech of a speaker in another language. The speaker utters a few sentences, pauses to let the consecutive interpreter to interpret it in the language that the audience would understand.